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[27 Jan 2005|02:09am]

hi just thought i'd put in an add here.
fairly new rpg http://xaviersdreams.proboards43.com/index.cgi
set in the newer timelines

much needed:

and a lot of the other main canon's
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[08 Mar 2004|11:11pm]


Hi! Sorry to spam. Moderators, feel free to delete if you're bothered (and I apologize again). xmen_evo_rpg  is a new X-Men Evolution RPG that's looking for members. Only taken characters are Jean, Kurt, Kitty, Rogue, Rahne, Tabitha, Logan, Scott, Remy, Pietro and Magneto. We could use some characters from the Brotherhood, but feel free to apply for any characters. The information on how to apply is on the journal's info page.

Cross posted.

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[10 Jan 2004|08:37pm]
I recently came upon an excellent X-Men Roleplaying site with many main characters available....
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[08 Jun 2003|11:57am]

OMg =o I set Jean free.. unless I made a mistake... so the Jean can go and comment and maybe we'll get in a fight or have sex or something =)

PS, I only have half an hour.. hope you get this soon
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[07 Jun 2003|11:27pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

(OOC: Putting this in a new post so it shall be noticed! So nice of you all to go on hiatus while I was stressed, but you all shall post again now, right!? XD)

Kitty's eyes widened. "Whoah, that's cool! But if you can control it, then you wouldn't make it burn anything, right, Pyro? Manipulate how? If a house was on fire, could you make it stop?"

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[04 Jun 2003|11:47pm]

(OOC: All conversation posts are a tad too far back; so if you're doing anything, move them up here.

Are still waiting to hear from one of our RPers, and satanspetcynic is currently unavaible to post (but will on the weekend, I think), thus the reason that scene stopped.

Anyway, yep! If you have any other characters, go ahead and introduce them. Once again, the more people we have around, the more active the RP will be.)
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[02 Jun 2003|08:11pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

(OOC: If I've done wrong by not just commenting or something...ya know...beat me like I said before :B this starts where the comments stopped on the post right before this)

Gambit slowly strolled through the hallways, his head still down, staring at the floor. Just wandering with no real direction. He still really just did not understand. What had he really done wrong? Was he that much of a loser? Sighing he continued to simply stare at the floor, trying to lose himself in the designs of the rug he happened to be crossing. Then some hardwood. Another rug. Somemore hardwood. "you kiddin yourself Gambit...she just a lil' gal...it be best just to leave her alone." The sound of light steps made him glance upward, pulling him out of his thoughts a bit. It was Jubilee. Maybe she wouldnt noticed his tattered self passing...she looks like shes in a hurry anyway. Maybe she'll just pass on by.

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Moving this up [02 Jun 2003|03:14pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

OOC: Psshaw, it was too far down in my friends list.. too lazy. XD;

Rogue fails to see the amusement of this whole matter. She folds her arms across her chest, quirking an eyebrow as she opens her mouth to speak. Her words are however silenced as Gambit brings her into an embrace.

Her heart races, her breathing stops, but only just for a moment..No.. No, it's just too close.. I can't!! Biting her lip, a small whimper emerges from her dark lips as she pushes Gambit away with her gloved hands. "Don't touch me!!!" Her words are icey, confused.. dripping with the ever growing teenage question of 'who am i in life..' Rogue stands there, looking at Gambit through her emerald eyes. She says nothing as she backs into her room, her boots hitting the carpet as she shuffles backwards. She closes the door without another word.

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[01 Jun 2003|03:19pm]

[ mood | worried ]

(OOC: Uh...o_o; Kala ish taking over Gambit @_@ if I do something wrong, just beat me. And sorry this was so short :B.)

Dressed in his usual dirty brown trenchcoat, but without his usual uniform, he wears an old pair of jeans and a black t-shirt. Fiddling with his red pony-tail he aimlessly strolls through the halls. Something catches his attention. Music, very loud music. He sighs and shakes his head, softly speaking to himself.

"Christ mon chere...thas' a little too loud.",

He turns the corner and walks toward Rogue's room where the noise is coming from. Approaching the door he reaches for the knob and attemps to turn it, only to find it locked, again he sighs and softly knocks.

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[01 Jun 2003|12:20am]

[ mood | bored ]

(OOC: If you'd like a third character, or would rather, be so kind to take one, please comment here. A Storm, Colossus, and an Iceman would all be quite helpful. Also, all 3rd characters have the same rules as 2nd characters, and can become free for the taking. Originals are fine as well, and are more then welcome.

xkomorix and vanessie, both of you still need to pick a second character.

For all of you that have second characters and haven't introduced them yet, please do :) Gives us more people to interact with.

Any recommendations you could give out right now would also be muchly appreciated. This post will be marked in the community memories for quick future reference.)

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[31 May 2003|11:15am]
Eric sat there, book in hand; wearing his white jump suit. The only thing he was permitted to wear. There were straps on it, like a straight jacket; they'd really spared no expense. Glancing around, you could see that everything was plastic. Some of it was glass, though the only prominent thing was his chess set. There were plastic bars, plastic doors; even his bed was plastic. It did have a nice look to it, though, he thought to himself. His cell was sparsely decorated. A chair, a table, and a bed. All he had to pass the time were his chess set and a few books. It was a boring, drab place; but you had to admire its beauty.

He turned another page. He was barely paying attention to the book, A Tale of Two Cities, and would probably have to read it again; but he had a lot on his mind. The war. He knew it was coming. He could feel it. The thought that he'd be stuck in this prison of plastic and glass through it infuriated him. He had said it before; he intended to fight this war by any means necessary. But how could he fight it locked up? All he needed was one chance, one mistake of the guards.

He glanced over to his glass chess set. He could break the board and use part of it.. but as much as he'd enjoy ending the life of one of the guards, it would get him no where. He needed metal to escape. With that detection system they had in place, it'd be nearly impossible. There had to be some way.

He had dwelled on this for far too long, though. He'd thought about it for hours and hours as any normal.. human.. inmate would. He turned another page. He found it very ironic that everyone thought him such a monster, yet they went to great lengths to keep him comfortable.

He leaned back and let out a sigh. It wouldn't do to continue thinking of such things. The only way he'd be free is if the Brotherhood remembered his plight. These classics were so interesting, though; he'd never had much in the way of free time for the past several years. Now he had a pile of books he could read through. And read through again. And again. He needed to get out of here before it drove him mad.

He heard the buzz, and the plastic bridge extended to his cell. Of course, he thought, lunch time. The guard entered the cell, plastic tray in hand; plastic cutlery with it. It was the same as every day. The food looked much the same, and he didn't quite know what it was. It always appeared to be varying colors of mashed potatoes. Perhaps they weren't going to great lengths to keep him comfortable, he thought.

As the tray was set before him - the guard keeping his baton at the ready - he said, "There is a certain beauty to plastic and glass, wouldn't you say?" as he picked up a plastic, clear fork.

The guard replied, with a slight chuckle, "Oh, yea, real beautiful. All yer gonna see fer the rest o' yer life." Magneto glared as he left. They thought they were so much better than him. The damned inbred hicks. They were only human, and no human could be as great as himself, Magneto. He would prove that to him, he silently promised. One day.
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[31 May 2003|03:24am]

[ mood | tired ]

(OOC: This post starts where this comment conversation left off.)

Just as Jubilee was getting to explain the actual residents of the place she was leading him to, they had arrived. It looked not as out of the ordinary as Aiden would of thought, though it was quite big. She took him in one of the back ways, opening the back kitchen door. At the moment, the young mutant didn't want to draw any extra attention to herself by going in the front door. Dinner time had passed at the mansion, so they should be safe--before she tried to take a step back upon seeing Wolverine sitting at the kitchen table with a drink, he had exited his own room after Jean had gone to talk to Scott. He rose an eyebrow at her for coming in that way which was unusual since he could of swore she was in her room, before seeing the teenager behind her, standing up almost immediatly then. This man was not the most welcoming sight.

"....Who is this? I don't recognize him." Logan stepped foward as Jubilee gave him a glare for being rude to her guest. They had to be extremely careful upon inviting new people, anyone could be an undercover spy, which was why Xavier usually did the recruiting himself. He looked more intimidating upon standing up, his short sleeves showing the thick muscles on his arms, his eyes dark, enough to give anyone second thoughts about coming to the mansion.

"He's a friend of mine. He needs a place to stay for the night. Do you have a problem with that?" She put one hand on her hip as he looked to her, returning his silent look that conveyed Yes...I do with a challanging one of her own. It was a suprise for Aiden, he most likely hadn't pictured one of her mutant "friends" to look like this. This wasn't the company a teenage girl usually kept. "His name is Aiden. He's a mutant, new to the area. And I've already checked, he's harmless, so stop giving me that look! Sheez, I would think you'd have a little trust in me by now, Wolvie." All she got in return was Logan pushing her aside, making the exit look quite appealing.

"I'll tell you this now, 'cause everyone gets the honor of hearin' it, and only hearin' it once. Know that this is the last place to come if you're lookin' for trouble, kid." His voice was cold, but he did have a certain amount of trust in who she had picked, finding it unnecessary to show off his own mutation as a warning, which was what he usually did. Before he could add anything to that, Jubilee pushed him from the side. "Jesus Logan, cut it out! He's fine! I told you!" It was now that she looked to her new friend, as though none of that had just happened. "This is just Wolverine, Aiden. He's one of the good guys too. It's easy to forget that sometimes, though." Logan made no attempt to add anything to her introduction, looking rather put off now.

((OOC: This is a perfect oppurunity for any of you that have goodies that are currently not busy with anything to come and get involved. Especially ryuichi and yukiryu. Excuse if this post has any stupid mistakes, it was made at 4:11 AM =____=.))

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[30 May 2003|11:54pm]

[ mood | thirsty ]

(OOC - I figured, seeing as this would've been the 11th comment, I'd put it in a new post so everyone else could remember Trystan and Kitty are here. xDD Oh, by the way - if anyone still has a male good guy to introduce, feel to make him the victim of Kitty's earlier prank!)

She smiled. "Don't worry about it, s'not rude! I - uhm - might be easier just to show you."

Kitty stepped upwards onto seemingly insubstantial air, and continued to climb an invisible set of stairs until her head was just below the ceiling. "Let's hope there's no one upstairs," she giggled, raising her arm over her head. It went straight through the ceiling like mist. The girl waved it back and forth for emphasis, then lowered herself back to the ground.

"I can mess up electronics this way too," she said.

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*bows* [31 May 2003|12:21am]

Aiden checked his map, once, twice, and a third time. He combed a loose strand of white hair behind his ear. Damn the hairtie, wasn't doing its job. He sighed and scanned the area. Damn his arrogance. "No.. no... I don't need a chauffer, I don't need any help, I'll find it out by myself. Really!" If he hadn't said that to his parents. He sighed to himself. He didn't want help. He didn't need it, but perhaps he could have gotten a bit more information before he stormed out of the house and onto the private jet. He shrugged slightly to himself. "It wouldn't hurt to wander," he decided, he folded the map back up and stuffed it in his pocket. Noone really would think to assume he was a tourist as he carried nothing on him, and from far away, he just looked like a long-haired blond man with ... Asian features.
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[30 May 2003|01:45am]

(OOC: Those of you with baddies, especially vanessie, post something? Just an update, since we're low on them and (I know we) don't have any possible interaction scenes. :) Or else we might have to end up placing your character for you so we know where they are in the scheme of things. And for anyone else who hasn't posted yet, an intro on your character would be nice. The more the merrier. Remember to check old entries for comments to see updates, you may miss something that'll be important your character later on! Thank you.)
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[29 May 2003|06:51pm]

[ mood | busy ]

A sharp knock startled both Jean and Wolverine, the emotions running through the room shattering into fragments of lost electrical impulses at the sound. "Logan." The voice was a question, tinged with anger, fringed by worry. A feeling complicated enough to make Jean cringe. "Logan, have you seen Jean? I talked to Storm... she said she came up here?" A very impatient Cyclops waited outside the door, his civil tone belying his aggravated expression. If there was anything he hated, it was needing Logan for something. But for Jeannie... "Don't ignore me, please." His voice held a weight to it, as if he was holding back frustration for the sake of being polite. I'll show him how to be civilized.... you KNOCK on a closed door... His last thought gives Jean something to ponder as she gets to her feet, exchanging an almost guilty glance with the big man.

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[28 May 2003|09:56pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

OOC: All you chitlins with charas out there... bring em forward!! I wanna hear from you all...)

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[28 May 2003|11:15pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

OOC: Eeer.. sorry this is late. XD I was sick. *coughbleed*

Rouge sat on her bed in silence, reading up in her history book. She flipped the page and read a few more lines. Rolling her sparkling green eyes, she sits back heavily against her pillows and lets the heavy book fall from her gloved hands. Letting out an irritated sigh, she leans over to her dresser and turns on the volume to her new Rasputina cd. Laying down on the bed, she looks with unfocused eyes at the door, with Transylvanian Concubine blasting in her ears and resounding in the dorm halls of the Xavier Insitute.

OOC ..again..: Sorry, tis short.. just wanted to let you all know I'm not dead. XD

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[28 May 2003|07:50pm]

Jubilee gave a small "thank you" when he complimented her, trying to give a smile to thank him for going away from the subject, grateful for the new student that provided her a way out. 'That might be nice. I haven't gotten to go out and have any fun in awhile.' She thought this clearly as well right before he left to attend to Pyro, perhaps suprising him a little with her willingness to speak to him that way, and the fact that she projected it so clearly, a sign of another faint growing power in her. But before another word could be shared on the matter she spun around on her feet, her jacket flowing around her slim body before she walked off in the other direction, just wanting to go to her room now. 'If I tell him, then he might want to encourage me to develop them...that's anything but what I want.' Her walk was silent down the hallway, having a natural grace after the lessons in her old life. 'Times like this, I wish they were still around.' She reached for the door knob of her room then, hesitating before opening it, closing the door behind her. Her first thought was to just lay down on her bed and try to get some sleep, but then she knew there'd probably be the call for dinner in just awhile. Jubilation reached under her bed, before pulling out a pair of rollerblades, walking over to the large window and opening it, jumping out with ease and landing on a patch of soft dirt surrounded by bushs, a landing area she made for herself after many times exiting that way. She walked past them, getting to the cement, and quickly put them on before she skated off; something she always did when she needed some time to think.
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[28 May 2003|07:31pm]

[ mood | hot ]

The professor glances up at her, worridley eyeing the avoidant expression on her face, and he flexes his hand against the handle of his chair, excercising his self control to stay out of her head. "Miss Jubilee.. are you sure theres nothing you want to tell me? Anything you tell me is confidential you know..." He smiles at her gently, his hand carefully touching her sleeve. A sigh softly escaped his lips as he couldnt even avoid hearing NO projected clearly from those bright black eyes. A pause stretched between them, pierced only by the soft chink of Jo--- Pyro's lighter. The soft sound brought him back to the present, and he tugged gently at the material of her jacket. "This is lovely on you Jubilee, by the way. Please tell me if you ever need to go shopping again, I'd be glad to ask Jean or Ororo, now that theyre back." His eyes ran carefully over her posture, her face, her eyes, hooded with a secret, hidden pain. Pressure, he decided, was not the reason he wanted Jubilee to talk to him. Dissapointement filled him at this; what he longed for was trust, for his students to open up to him. It was too early, he supposed, for this particular girl to be ready... at least she trusted Logan. He tilted his head as his hand drifted back to his chair. "I have something to attend to now, Jubilee. Please, I'm always around."

Leaving her side, he pulled a quick turn, moving to be right next to a young, rebellious-looking youth, in mid-teens if he guessed correctly. Pyro, he knew, had to be one of the newcomers, and though his music was loud enough to make the Proffesor wince, he could still discern a chill of nervousness cloaking this youth. One hand tapped a thin shoulder, and he cringed at the feel of unwashed cotton. A duffel bag caught his eye, and he only narrowly avoided sighing. He hoped this young mans circumstances were dictated by his parents financial situation, not their negligence. Predjudice twords mutants being rampant and all.. he knew that it was wont to spread to even the parents of some such gifted children.

"Hello Pyro." He got an impression of tightened posture and soft brown eyes before it hit him that the boy was looking at him with complete and utter distrust. His name.. he never told me his name. Damn. Withdrawing his hand, he tried again. "Welcome to Xavier Institute, I am Proffesor Xavier, and I would like to welcome you to my school." A brave attempt at a smile graced his mouth. "Would you like to be shown the grounds first, or your room?"

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