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Moving this up

OOC: Psshaw, it was too far down in my friends list.. too lazy. XD;

Rogue fails to see the amusement of this whole matter. She folds her arms across her chest, quirking an eyebrow as she opens her mouth to speak. Her words are however silenced as Gambit brings her into an embrace.

Her heart races, her breathing stops, but only just for a moment..No.. No, it's just too close.. I can't!! Biting her lip, a small whimper emerges from her dark lips as she pushes Gambit away with her gloved hands. "Don't touch me!!!" Her words are icey, confused.. dripping with the ever growing teenage question of 'who am i in life..' Rogue stands there, looking at Gambit through her emerald eyes. She says nothing as she backs into her room, her boots hitting the carpet as she shuffles backwards. She closes the door without another word.
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(OOC: ;_________; )

Dumbstruck, Gambit stands there for a moment just staring at the closed door. And blinking a little thinks to himself "That did na go well.", slowly he turns only glancing back for a moment, then hangs his head and walks away softly speaking a bit of French.

"Je juste ne comprends pas mon amour, je juste ne comprends pas..."

And then again thinking to himself "I should know better...messing with someone so young...".

OOC: Eee!! Speak French to me, bitch! *whip*

Rogue leans against the door, her hands pressed firmly against the panels. She chokes her tears back. No.. There are no more tears. You have to be strong now.. Accept the fact that no one can get close to you, ever.. and just.. move on.. You must be strong. Sniffling back, she whipes the back of her hand across her nose. She walks back to her bed and sits down, her hands folded submissivly in her lap. She looks over to her stereo and turns her music down, so as not to bring any attention to herself.

She pulls off her leather gloves and puts them on the bed beside her, looking at her bare, pale hands. Something inside her wishes Gambit would come back and just hold her. Thats all she wants.. Just to be held..
(OOC I wish I really knew French ;_; its the one langauge that I actually wanna learn @_@ but no, what do I get, I get spanish >____> two years of useless spanish! >| But anyway, I'm gonna involve Jubilee =o so I'm gonna post instead of commenting)