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Moving this up

OOC: Psshaw, it was too far down in my friends list.. too lazy. XD;

Rogue fails to see the amusement of this whole matter. She folds her arms across her chest, quirking an eyebrow as she opens her mouth to speak. Her words are however silenced as Gambit brings her into an embrace.

Her heart races, her breathing stops, but only just for a moment..No.. No, it's just too close.. I can't!! Biting her lip, a small whimper emerges from her dark lips as she pushes Gambit away with her gloved hands. "Don't touch me!!!" Her words are icey, confused.. dripping with the ever growing teenage question of 'who am i in life..' Rogue stands there, looking at Gambit through her emerald eyes. She says nothing as she backs into her room, her boots hitting the carpet as she shuffles backwards. She closes the door without another word.
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