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Currently a small community created for the one purpose of roleplaying X-Men :) The RP is set in no specific time, and is a mix of all the universes. If you'd like to join, only a few things are asked of you.

1) Please have had a little bit of roleplaying experience in your past. We're not asking for any professional authors, but you know, using lingo above "u, wus, r", and making posts for your character that are more then one line. If you view some of the posts in the community, you'll quickly see how things are done.

2) KNOW about your character. This RP is mixed universes, so whichever past you wish your character to have is just fine (don't make up your own, however, unless it's a minor detail). In other words, no OOC (ie: a bouncy Wolverine or a gothic Shadowcat o_O;;;)

3) Do not submit an original character unless you've read the following, or else your application will be rejected. The rules about originals:

a) They must be a solid character. Which means they have a past, a power, a weakness, and of course, they must be original (ie: No originals that have the exact same mutations as Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, etc, or act just like another character does.) Just e-mail me a little bit on the character when you submit. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, as long as you get your point across.

b) At the current time, you need to handle a canon character as well. As you'll see, everyone currently has to take two roles for the amount of people we have, though the second role is one that can later be taken from them; hoping that everyone gets just one when the RP gets big enough. It doesn't have to be a big character, but one that you can use.

c) As mentioned in the first point, the character MUST have a weakness. Maybe two or three. God mod, or even upshow the main characters more then once in a blue moon, and you'll get a warning. Do it again, and you'll be removed from the RP.

4) As stated above, all of the second characters in the Taken Character's list are up for grabs. However, you can only take a person's second character if you plan for it to be your permenent main.

5) Your (canon) character can be whichever age you wish, as long as it's an age that was given to them in one of the universes (Movie, Comic, Older Cartoon, Evolution).

Current Info: We're currently in need of a Storm, Iceman, or Colossus. Contact me if intrested!.

Taken Characters
(Italics symbolize an original character)

kokochan: Wolverine, Jubilee
xkomorix: Kaine
integraltheory: Pyro, Magneto
vickitty: Northstar, Shadowcat
yukiryu: Rogue, Wolfsbane
ryuichi: Nightcrawler
vanessie: Mystique
satanspetcynic: Cyclops, Xavier
legomyelfboy: Bane, Jean Grey
zellybaby: Gambit
sakurazukakami: Scarlet Witch

After reading all of the above, you can do one of two things to contact the owner of this RP (kokochan) and submit your application. You can mail me your submission, or you can IM me (Eggman Fangirl). All your application needs to say is who you wish to play, your LJ user name;if it's an original, a little bit about them.